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The Bridge of my Dreams 
Started by Cath1
30 Jul 2012, 4:45 AM

The Bridge of my Dreams

There is a bridge I envision in the distance where I dream

Clouds stream above me and tears of love make misty my eyes

The bridge I am trying to cross is as strong as people are wise

Yet my eyes see only sorrow and its fire burns the bridge and with

Every step closer to the flame of healing I am scorched by it

The higher the flames rise, the mistier my eyes

And the bridge of my dreams runs over a stream made of these tears I cry

And I am weak and fearful that my tears will never dry

I feel afraid that I will never cross the bridge to the other side

I cannot speak of the sorrow so my tears speak for me

I am searching for something but what it is I cannot see

I try to cross the bridge but I cannot see the other side

I am waiting, waiting for time and healing to be my faithful guide

Far away in the distance I see the bridge alit by sorrow’s flame

I am listening with my heart as I wait for peace to know my name

To claim me a
nd then to set me free again

I am hoping when I find my way to peace or when it finally finds me

The shadows of sorrow will fade away in the mist like all life’s mysteries

And the bridge of my dreams will appear strong and I will one day become wise

With the path made crystal clear to the other side where my tears will disappear

In the distance I hear echoes of love and it’s a sound I can trust and shall never doubt

It’s the familiar voice of my angel mother hovering above

And with her whisper the fiery flame of sorrow is slowly burning out

Her light that now appears over the bridge of my dreams shines hope as my guide

It is the light of love and healing for which I have been longing and from which I cannot hide

I want to cross the bridge, over the stream, when the mist is gone and I can see the other side

I believe I am making my way and one day I will finally arrive on the other side of sorrow

But for tonight I will dream of a bridge, my angel mother and new tomorrow


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Reply by NatR
07 Sep 2012, 5:21 PM

Dear Cath1,

Your gift of poetry and writing is a wonderful way to reach out to all of us who have lost someone, or anyone who is caregiving.

Your love and committment to your Mom and her memory is wonderful.  Your committment to share support and comfort to others who travel journeys that are necessary in life...so appreciated.

Thanks for writing out your feelings - and helping us understand that we are all much alike.
It eases my burden and I am sure others - to feel that sense of connection.  We are not alone - others have gone before us.

It is appreciated, hugs,
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Reply by Cath1
08 Sep 2012, 12:57 AM

Dear NatR:

As always, you exude warmth and kindness in the sound of your voice which resonates with each encouraging word you write.

Thank you for sharing with me your generous spirit which inspires me so much and which helps to give me the courage I need to continue writing. Your feedback means the world to me - more than you may know!:-)

You are a genuine person and a highly valued "virtual" friend!

With affection -hugs - xo
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