Palliative Care
Is there a cost for palliative care in the hospital?

Canada has universal health care, which provides basic health care without user fees. Yet the provinces control health care, and some charge a fee to access the health system. Palliative care is a basic service in all provinces and territories, so there’s no charge for palliative care in a hospital. Provincial and territorial governments usually cover the medications in this situation.

If a person doesn’t need palliative care or acute care in a hospital or institution, then alternatives are considered. If a person’s condition is stable, then care may be better provided elsewhere such as in a hospice, care home, or the person's own home. Home care services provided by the government don’t have a fee. A care home or a hospice likely does charge a fee that usually depends on the facility or the individual's income.

If you’re concerned about the cost of care, some provinces and territories have special programs to cover all or some of the cost of medications for palliative care patients. These may apply to care at home, in a care home or in a hospice. Most of these government programs have criteria, which can be found on palliative care or provincial websites. Your health care team can tell you more about how the health care system works and specific resources in your region.